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Forbes: Will Trump’s Proposal Lead To U.S. Immigration Reform?

An outstanding article by Andy J. Semotiuk.  Must read the entire thing, but a few excerpts:

Based on immigration reform efforts in Congress in the past and the stated priorities of the President and polling of the electorate in recent months, one possible statement of such six top problems to be addressed could be: From the President’s list – 1. Building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, 2. Transforming America’s immigrant selection system from family-based to a more merit and skills based economic immigration system and 3. Tightening enforcement measures, such as increasing judges and modernizing ports of entry. From other issues already mentioned, including ones most often raised by Democrats, top issues could be: 4. Resolving the problem of DACA/DAPA immigrants, 5. Establishing a path to citizenship for unlawfully present immigrants, and 6. More humanely dealing with refugees at the southern U.S. border, especially regarding family separations. To succeed, the reform package would need to focus on these six items identified to the exclusion of other issues for the time being, until these six were pretty much completed.


The main point is, the initiative from the White House should not just be rejected carte blanche, but rather be treated as the opening salvo in a negotiation that possibly could lead to a breakthrough in U.S. immigration with significant benefits for all Americans.

We could not agree more!

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