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Houston activist detained by ICE to be deported

The Houston Chronicle and Washington Examiner recently told the story of a man named Roland Gramajo, a father of 5, and a Guatemala native who is living in Houston and who has made a name for himself by ferociously advocating for immigrant rights.

He recently held a town hall with Democrat Rep Sylvia Garcia, to talk about ICE raids in the community. He invited ICE representatives to the town hall, but they declined the invitation. Turns out ICE might have sent agents undercover to the event because people reported suspicious activities.

Garcia said she witnessed three white men acting “suspiciously” by taking pictures of the crowd, which was mostly Hispanic.

On September 5th, he was arrested facing deportation. He was arrested for coming back to the States illegally after being deported a first time following a minor crime as a young child. He now has 5 kids and is an active member of the community and has not caused any problems.

None of this matters to ICE, however, whose sole objective is to rip families apart.

Share this story with your friends, make sure ICE knows that they are making this country worse by them tearing apart communities.