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ICYMI – President Trump can solve the immigration crisis with legislation that died in 2013

Matthew Soerens wrote a new op-ed in Fox News about a fascinating concept that doesn’t get enough coverage.

Back in 2013, Congress came close to passing a good comprehensive immigration bill.

It passed the Senate, but died in the House.

Since then, under Obama and under Trump, nobody has come close to passing immigration reform. Don’t get me wrong, I believe the wall is a fundamentally bad idea that should not be considered under any circumstances in negotiations. However, I do believe the 2013 bill does provide a good framework under which to start these talks.

President Trump should wake up and realize that he needs this change to win re-election. He needs to pursue comprehensive immigration reform for the sake of the future of this country.

Let us search for bipartisanship here now more than ever. The American people deserve it. Everyone deserves it.