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Illegal immigration is an American tradition

A unique perspective from Daniel Price:

Remember when first Kennedy and then Reagan stood in Berlin and taunted the totalitarian state that was hiding behind a border wall and draconian immigration policies?

Speaking of Berlin, remember the Disney movie Night Crossing about the 1979 illegal immigration of two families from East Berlin to the West in a makeshift Hot Air Balloon? In 1982 we hated a wall. We cheered for the illegal immigrants. We laughed at the Stasi, trying in vain to stand in the way of human triumph.

What happened to our American love of the indomitable law breakers?

Another of my great grandfathers fled to America after he took part in a failed uprising. He had attempted to overthrow parts of his own government, and when that fell through, he skedaddled on a ship to America. He was a seditionist, a guy with obvious contempt for authority and a legitimate criminal record. But America was hiring back then, and there was no question where in the world a guy like him could go pursue happiness.