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James Antle III has pegged the irony meter

W. James Antle III

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Second, there’s no denying that there are valid reasons to pursue lower legal immigration numbers. Successfully integrating new immigrants depends on how many people are coming in, the length of time they are present, and the strength of the host country’s assimilating institutions. Without even modest immigration reductions, America might be batting 0-3 on these requirements. It’s also hard to be confident in how “merit-based” admissions will truly be if our government keeps letting in a million people a year.

Antle presumes that the US has a high rate of legal immigration.  The fact is we are at the lowest end of the wealthy G-20 countries–well below Canada and Australia for example.  We are at 1/5 the rate of legal immigration we had in 1872 and below our nations long-term average legal immigration rate.  It is this remarkably low legal immigration rate that causes the high rate of illegal immigration.  Prohibition did not work.  Forcing immigrants into a black market serves nobody’s interest.

Antle argues that the US is not good at assimilation–what a myth! I would ask what country has been better in the history of the world.  These same arguments were made by the “Know Nothings” in the 1840’s to try and reduce the flow of German, Irish and Italian immigrants to Ellis Island.  The Know Nothings said those immigrant groups were too poor, uneducated and had “bad” cultural attitudes (not to mention religion).  They were wrong then and the modern day Know Nothings (who often have ties to the avowed racist and eugenicist John Tanton) are wrong today.

Finally, Antle argues there aren’t enough people in the world for the United States to find more than one million people per year that he would categorize as having merit.  Let’s do the math:

1 million immigrants/ world of 8 billion people = .0125%

According to Antle, only the top .0125% have merit (and maybe not that many!)  We are a far cry from “huddled masses yearning to breathe free”.

The amazing irony is that Antle is the author of the book “Devouring Freedom: Can Big Government Ever Be Stopped”.  From the Amazon description:

James Antle examines the addition (sic) both parties have to bigger spending, bigger government programs, bigger intrusion into our lives and bigger dependency on the nanny state, as he examines how an ever-expanding government inevitably leads to less prosperity, less independence, less ingenuity, less growth, and far less liberty.

Immigration policy can block a US citizen from marrying the person they love–or remove someone they have already married.  It can separate US citizen children from their parents.  It can separate people who have become deep friends.  It can block a dairy farmer, a rural hospital or a construction firm from hiring the person they think is most talented. For the millions of US citizens in these situations, the impact from the reduced liberty from our immigration policy is far greater than just about any other government intrusion.

James Antle has pegged the irony meter.  When someone who claims to be pro-liberty joins forces with the Know Nothings, it demands to be called out.

Steve Kuhn, IDEAL Immigration


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