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WSJ editorial board: Trump’s Immigration Progress

A must read editorial from the WSJ.  Some highlights:

The reform outline Mr. Trump sketched Thursday is thin on detail, but the contours are an improvement on the Administration’s earlier plans. “Our proposal is pro-American, pro-immigrant, and pro-worker,” he declared. Acknowledging that these objectives don’t conflict is progress. The problem is that the President still seems to think that lower-skilled immigrants undercut American workers. There’s little evidence for that, and U.S. workers, taxpayers and businesses would benefit from more immigrants of all skill levels.

U.S. employers report 7.5 million job openings including 360,000 in construction, one million in leisure and hospitality, and 1.4 million in trade and transportation. As a real-estate guy, Mr. Trump has to know that hotels, warehouses and factories won’t be built, products won’t be transported, and stores won’t be stocked if jobs go unfilled.

Go read it all.


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